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Children do not come with instruction manuals – even if they did, who would write it? Every child has a different personality, and life affects them too. There are areas of pain, confusion, disappointment, and struggle that they need to express and gain understanding. Sometimes as parents we do not know how to explain those complicated areas to our children (divorce, death, sex, abuse, trauma) – nor are we sure that we should. Parenting can have it’s challenges inside of its own rewards. Let me help you sort through the challenging parts – and we can celebrate the rewards together.


We are made to be relational – which means you will have many different types of relationships in your life (marriage, siblings, friendships, co-workers, etc.) – and we all have various backgrounds, which can skew our expectations of those relationships. Communication is an important factor for any relationship to be successful. When communication gets unclear and the relationship needs healing, I would like to help you restore your understanding and bring clarification to point you in the direction of prosperity for your relationships.

Spiritual Maturity

Growth is important in all areas of your life, and since life does not rest or take a pause, neither should your spiritual growth. There are many answers to life’s questions we will not be able to resolve during our lifetime but being willing to develop and seek out wisdom permits us to open the door to many levels of maturity and understanding. As with all things of value, growth does not happen overnight, but when you have questions about which path to take – a wise person seeks out counsel.

Rates and Fees

Cash and all major credit cards are accepted forms of payment, as well as money orders and Cash App.
Checks are NOT accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Cancellation Policy

A $25 fee will be charged for failure to keep, cancel or reschedule an appointment within 24 hours advanced notice.
Any outstanding balances must be paid prior to the next appointment.
Individual Session (60 minutes)
Parenting Session (90 minutes) - includes briefing w/ parent
Couples Session (60-90 minutes)
15 minute FREE consultation available upon request
Schedule 4 paid sessions in advance and receive 10% discount. Failure to arrive at pre-paid sessions will result in loss of appointment, that fee will not be reimbursed to client.
**NOTE: It is important that we stay within the allotted time of services, additional time may result in additional fees charged. Ratings are subject to change.

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