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Discover how you are
 Valued in Purpose

Develop, strengthen, and maximize your parenting, relationships, and spiritual maturity

WELCOME to VIP Life Coaching

You may ask Why a Life Coach? What can they do for me? A life coach listens, encourages, motivates and helps you to set goals in areas you may feel confused or need progress in order to gain greater fulfillment in life. Life coaches have specific areas where they aid their clients in improving their day-to-day lives. If the pressure and anxiety of relationships, parenting or desire for spiritual growth has you feeling less than valued, allow me to help you see that you are Valued in Purpose.

Life Coaching Services

Sort through the challenging parts and celebrate the rewards
Restore your understanding, bring clarification, and prosper
Spiritual Maturity
Seek and receive wisdom to open the door to many levels of maturity and understanding

What is a Life Coach

What people have to say about ViP

  • Mrs. Evette Burch is an easy person to talk. She is always one that is good person to talk when I am having a rough day. She will take time to listen and also has a a way of turn something negative to a positive .

    S. Espinosa

  • She has done amazing and great work with our family!

    S. Gonzalez

  • Evette Burch is very perceptive and helpful, prayerful and awesome. You're the best Evette!!

    M. Satchell

  • Evette Burch as a life coach helped me tremendously. She taught me how to effectively deal with daily stress. She helped me effectively interact and discipline my 4 year old in a healthy way. I am a better person since she started meeting with me. I'm so forever grateful for her.

    Dottie, TX

Discover the purpose and vision 
of Vip Life Coaching

Discover how you are Valued in Purpose
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